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Free and Paid Child Support Attorney in Bellevue Washington

Child Support Attorney in Bellevue Washington

Child Support Attorney in Bellevue Washington

Child Support Attorney in Bellevue

It is often said that the first step of a successful Child Support Agreement or Order is choosing a Local Child Support Attorney. There are many Child Support Attorneys in Bellevue, Washington that specialize in Child Support Agreements.

Hiring a Child Support lawyer in Bellevue

Hiring a Child Support lawyer in Bellevue, Washington is not required to assess your Child Support Obligations, but it can make all the difference. An experienced and trustworthy professional will be dedicated to helping you get the best deal in Child Support for family. Luckily in Bellevue there are a number of Divorce, Child Custody and Child Support Attorneys to choose from and you can check out our list of rated Child Support Lawyers in Bellevue WA below.

How Can a Child Support Attorney Help Me?

Child Support Attorneys in Bellevue, Washington are the best at translating legalese into something you can understand. They have extensive training, knowledge and experience in identifying Washington Child Support law which makes sure you and your children have your needs protected going forward.


Child support is often associated with Child Custody Matters and Divorce.  Your Child Support Attorney can usually handle your Bellevue  Washington Child Custody Case as well as your Divorce proceedings if they are not yet concluded.  Keeping all of these Family Law matters with the same Lawyer is sensible as it generally saves in costs by preventing double up of services.


The services of a Child Support Attorney in Washington are not only useful during the processing of your Child Support application from start to finish, but also they can be helpful during all stages of your Children’s path to 18 years old in relation to changes to Child Support circumstances and Child Custody matters. 

Child Support matters that your Bellevue, WA Child Support Attorney will address for you.

When you are applying for Child Support in Bellevue Washington, there are many issues to be dealt with at the same time. They can include but they are not limited to:


  • Ensuring all income is accurate as submitted by both parents
  • Ensuring that assets are fully disclosed
  • Finalizing current child custody percentages
  • Ensuring all expenses that can be accounted are claimed
  • Foreseeing any potential future issues that could be problematic and handling them now
  • Checking to make sure your ex is not trying to underpay Child Support or use any loopholes of Washington Child Support Law.
  • Ensuring all Washington Child Support Laws are adhered to



A lot of information that you will need is available on our website here and our Information of Washington Child Support.   In addition, as a client of a law firm, you will have a consultation service which means that you can contact them as much as needed during your Family Court and Child Support process and they will assist you accordingly.

Bellevue Washington is home to many Child Support Attorneys and lawyers whose job it can be to simplify the process and get you and your family the best outcome.

Are there Child Support Lawyers in Bellevue , WA?

There are many Child Custody and Child Support lawyers in Bellevue , Washington who falsely claim that to get a decent outcome in your Child Support application, you must use their services. However, the Washington Government has made the process as straightforward as possible, and if your partner is co-operative and honest, you can take advantage of processes and resources to have your Child Support arrangement sorted out for free or very little cost.  


If your partner is not cooperative or your case is complex you may need to seriously consider engaging Legal representation to protect your family and your financial needs for raising your children into the future.


The truth is that regardless of whether or not you choose to use a firm of Child Support lawyers in Bellevue  Washington to help with the process, it does not alter the obligation of Child Support.  Everything gets completed correctly and on time, honestly and accurately.  If you have a case that involves more than one State of residency, you can find full information on Child Support Information from all States here.


If you would like to find a Child Support Attorney in Bellevue  Washington to help you in your Child Support or Family Law matter you can refer to our rated Child Support Lawyers based in Bellevue WA.

Which Court will my Child Support hearing be heard?

Your matter will be heard in the Family Court which is usually a part of the District Court Jurisdiction.  You can Find out about Bellevue Family Court here.  All the Family Courts of Washington can be found here.

Find a Rated Child Support Attorney in Bellevue, Washington, WA.

Business NameRatingCategoriesPhone NumberAddress
CMS Law FirmCMS Law Firm
35 reviews
Wills, Trusts, & Probates+12066591512811 Kirkland Ave, Ste 201, Kirkland, WA 98033
Law Offices of Magnuson LowellLaw Offices of Magnuson Lowell
9 reviews
Divorce & Family Law, Personal Injury Law, Estate Planning Law+142588575008201 164th Ave NE, Ste 200, Redmond, WA 98052
Moultray Law, P.S.Moultray Law, P.S.
26 reviews
Real Estate Law, Business Law+120677714359 Lake Bellevue Dr, Ste 118, Bellevue, WA 98005
Law Offices of Dan SamasLaw Offices of Dan Samas
176 reviews
Traffic Ticketing Law+12068232486400 NW Gilman Blvd, Ste 637, Issaquah, WA 98027
Roberto Yranela & AssociatesRoberto Yranela & Associates
51 reviews
DUI Law, Traffic Ticketing Law+14252609366355 118th Ave SE, Ste 200, Bellevue, WA 98005
Choquette Immigration Law GroupChoquette Immigration Law Group
130 reviews
Immigration Law+12062691200121 Lakeside Ave, Ste 100B, Seattle, WA 98122
Law Offices of Maxim LissakLaw Offices of Maxim Lissak
27 reviews
Real Estate Law, Business Law, General Litigation+12062296602400 112th Ave NE, Ste 140, Bellevue, WA 98004
Peterson LawPeterson Law
2 reviews
Business Law, General Litigation, Real Estate Law+1425201563414205 SE 36th St, Ste 100, Bellevue, WA 98006
Law Office of Maria HajarLaw Office of Maria Hajar
5 reviews
Immigration Law, Legal Services+1206566721110900 NE 4th St, Ste 2300, Bellevue, WA 98004
Hansen Law Group, PSHansen Law Group, PS
19 reviews
Divorce & Family Law+1425709676212000 NE 8th St, Ste 202, Bellevue, WA 98005

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