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Child Support Loopholes in Vermont VT

Child Support Loopholes in Vermont

Child Support Loopholes in Vermont

Child Support Loopholes in Vermont VT

There are many Child Support loopholes in Vermont used to reduce child support payments or even avoid them all together.


The wide range of strategies, tactics and loopholes used by parents in Vermont and their child support lawyers or attorneys, to avoid or reduce child support payments, all fall into two very important categories: 


  1. those that are legal in Vermont and 
  2. those that are not legal (we do not condone or endorse these)


The number one reason why people get into trouble with the law in Vermont when it comes to child support payments is because they don’t know that some actions are illegal. There’s a range of strategies and tactics used by parents, lawyers or family attorneys in Vermont who have an interest in reducing or avoiding owing cash for their children. You need to be very careful to ensure you only partake in legal strategies and loopholes to reduce your child support to the minimum required amount in Vermont.


Many people in Vermont find themselves on the wrong side of the law after getting involved in pursuing illegal actions to get out of paying child support to their ex.  Some of these people in Vermont did not realize what they were doing was not legal and have ended up with convictions.  Don’t end up in this predicament.

Are you paying too much Child Support in Vermont?

Child support in Vermont is a very important aspect of raising children and it’s unfortunate when parents find themselves in an illegal situation because they were trying to get out of paying their obligations. There are many ways that people can use legal or non-legal strategies to reduce or avoid child support payments. 


It is incredibly important to understand what you can do and what you can’t do when it comes to determining and paying your child support in Vermont, VT.  No one wants to overpay child support, so do take the time to find out the full VT child support laws.


Below we will cover the range of legal ways and allowable loopholes that will ensure you pay the lowest amount required for child support, as well as point out the illegal methods of child support avoidance that you will want to steer clear of.


First and foremost, Vermont law does not look kindly on child support cheats.  It is always in your best interest to stay on the right side of the law in relation to child support and your child custody arrangements.  Do not be tempted to pursue illegal child support loopholes in Vermont as there is every chance you will be caught and you could end up with convictions.  Child support evasion in Vermont is considered a serious offense, it is not worth the risk.  


Paying a fair rate for supporting the emotional and physical well being of your child is paramount, and you will want to ensure you are providing a good life for your child.  These are the goals of most parents in Vermont.

Vermont Family Law

Vermont is a state in the New England region of the United States. It borders the states of Massachusetts to the south, New Hampshire to the east, and New York to the west, and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north. Vermont is the only state in New England that does not border the Atlantic Ocean. Vermont is the second-least-populated U.S. state after Wyoming and the sixth-smallest by area of the 50 U.S. states with a recorded population of 643,503 according to the 2020 U.S. census. The state capital is Montpelier, the least-populous state capital in the United States. The most-populous city, Burlington, is the least-populous city to be the most-populous city in a state.

For some 12,000 years, indigenous peoples have inhabited this area. The historically competitive tribes of the Algonquian-speaking Abenaki and Iroquoian-speaking Mohawk were active in the area at the time of European encounter. During the 17th century, French colonists claimed the territory as part of the Kingdom of France’s colony of New France. After the Kingdom of Great Britain began to settle colonies to the south along the Atlantic coast, the two nations competed in North America in addition to Europe. After being defeated in 1763 in the Seven Years’ War, France ceded its territory east of the Mississippi River to Great Britain.

Thereafter, the nearby British Thirteen Colonies, especially the provinces of New Hampshire and New York, disputed the extent of the area called the New Hampshire Grants to the west of the Connecticut River, encompassing present-day Vermont. The provincial government of New York sold land grants to settlers in the region, which conflicted with earlier grants from the government of New Hampshire. The Green Mountain Boys militia protected the interests of the established New Hampshire land grant settlers against the newly arrived settlers with land titles granted by New York. Ultimately, a group of settlers with New Hampshire land grant titles established the Vermont Republic in 1777 as an independent state during the American Revolutionary War. The Vermont Republic abolished slavery before any of the other states.

Vermont was admitted to the newly established United States as the fourteenth state in 1791. During the mid-19th century, Vermont was a strong source of abolitionist sentiment, although it was also tied to King Cotton through the development of textile mills in the region, which relied on southern cotton. It sent a significant contingent of soldiers to participate in the American Civil War.

The geography of the state is marked by the Green Mountains, which run north–south up the middle of the state, separating Lake Champlain and other valley terrain on the west from the Connecticut River valley that defines much of its eastern border. A majority of its terrain is forested with hardwoods and conifers, and a majority of its open land is devoted to agriculture. The state’s climate is characterized by warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters.

Vermont’s economic activity of $34 billion in 2018 ranked last on the list of U.S. states and territories by GDP but 34th in GDP per capita. In 2000, the state legislature was the first to recognize civil unions for same-sex couples.

Illegal Vermont Child Support Loopholes

Be aware the following actions are illegal when used to reduce your child support obligation in Vermont.  The court goes to great lengths to provide fair child support assessments and anyone found cheating, misleading or using illegal child support loopholes face legal consequences in Vermont.


1 – Do Not clear out your bank accounts so that your income looks less.  


You might think you are being clever doing this.  You are not.  The court has seen it all before.  If you think that you can withdraw your money and hold it in cash so it does not show up on your bank statements, think again.  If this is suspected the court will request further bank statements and will investigate.  If you are caught you could face a conviction.  


2 – Do Not get yourself fired from your job to lower your income obligation.


If you are suspected of purposefully causing yourself to be fired from your job in Vermont to reduce your income, you could face being ruled against and the court assuming you had your previous income level.  You will then be on the back foot to find another job at the same pay grade and you could face a conviction as well.  


3 – Do Not create new expenses and obligations.


Don’t think that if you create yourself new and greater financial expenses, such as racking up credit card debt or renting a more expensive house in Vermont will reduce your obligation of child support.  Even though rent and credit card payments form part of the expenses that are considered in the child support payment determination process, the court officers in Vermont are on the lookout for suspicious activity like increasing your expenses. 


4 – Do Not use crypto currency to hide your income or assets.


This strategy has become more popular recently with the rise of crypto currencies such as bitcoin and etherium.  People have been caught doing this in Vermont and they have received penalties.  You can also end up with the IRS on your doorstep.  Even though people might try and convince you it is untraceable and therefore you are safe, the court does not see it this way. 

How can I ensure I don’t pay too much child support in Vermont?

The most important step in assessing your child support obligation in Vermont is to get good advice on exactly how child support is calculated in your particular circumstance.


Child support calculations in Vermont are based on the specific situation of each family.  There are many situations that child support payments are calculated to cover.  There are calculations for single children of the same parents, multiple children, children with disabilities, children of different parents that live together, parents who have started new relationships, parents who have moved to another State or country.  Payments in Vermont will also depend on the income and financial status of both parents, assets, liabilities, expenses, income, employment and other obligations. 


The exact amount will be determined by your local branch of the Court of Vermont, VT.  They will use the information on all aspects of your unique situation to make the calculation.


We can’t cover every unique situation here.  If you would like your personal situation assessed by a qualified Vermont attorney, with no obligation, take our free online case assessment and the results will be emailed to you in confidence.

How can I legally minimize the amount of child support I pay in VT?

The only strategies  and loopholes you want to consider to reduce child support payments in Vermont are those that are legal.


The best advice is to ensure your income and tax information is up to date and correct.  If your income or business profit has decreased, you need to demonstrate this.  So having accurate, up to date records is your best defense to being overcharged child support.


You can also seek to have your children spend more of their time with you.  The amount of child support will be reduced in shared custody situations.


Find out more extensive information about child support in Vermont here.  As if you are contending with a VT child support application you need to know about the entire legal process and not just about VT child support loopholes.

I’ve lost my job and can’t pay my child support obligation in VT. What should I do?

Don’t assume that losing your job means you can just not pay your child support.  You need to take action as soon as you know you have lost your job.  


Many Vermonters put off dealing with child support payments when they lose their job, this is truly the worst thing you can do. 


If you lose your job, you need to request a child support adjustment.  A formal adjustment needs to occur and it needs to be done through the court of Vermont.  


Verbal agreement between yourself and your ex is not enough.  A verbal agreement will not make any change to your legal obligations that have already been ordered by the court.  Without a formal adjustment to your child support obligation through the court you will still be obligated to pay the full amount of child support in your previous court order.  There are serious penalties for underpayment or non payment which include convictions and jail.


Please note – one loophole people try to use to get out of child support payments is to quit their job and then state that this means their financial situation has changed and their child support obligation should be less.


Don’t do this!  It is illegal.  Plus, you can only seek an adjusted child support rate if you were fired from your job or had to leave your job due to ill health.  If you leave your job voluntarily, you will not be granted an adjustment.

What to do if your ex is acting illegally in relation to Vermont child support?

If your ex is trying dirty tricks, pursuing illegal loopholes or acting in other ways that are illegal in a child support case in Vermont, you need to talk to your attorney.  The time to bring these issues to light are before the child support payment obligations are calculated by the court and issued as orders. 


Your lawyer will know how to raise the matter of illegal actions by your ex with the Court and what information will be needed.  If your ex is acting illegally You need to take action now to protect your position and your children.  If you don’t have an attorney yet, you can fill in the free situation assessment and an attorney will look at your specific situation and reply to you personally.


If you are looking for information on child support in other States, you can find the relevant child support information here.


You should take the time to understand how Vermont’s child support laws work. Many parents do end up paying more child support than they are required to, simply because they did not understand the ways child support is calculated in Vermont and other factors that can grant you child support relief in certain situations.  

If you think you are overpaying Child Support or if you think someone is trying to use Vermont Law legal loopholes against you then contact of the rated Child Support Family Lawyers in Vermont below:


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