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Our History

Child Support Hub is owned by CFET Partners which began publishing useful and helpful consumer information in 2012.

What is a Triple Lock Content?

Triple Lock content means that content is first created by an expert contributor. It is then professionally edited and finally reviewed by a Subject Matter Expert. In the case of Child Support Hub the Subject Matter Experts are Lawyers, Attorneys and specialist Social Workers.

Child Support USA

With detailed and verified consumer-friendly information – all available for free, the Child Support Hub seeks to provided much needed helpful information for families during the stress and anxiety of separation.

Mission Statement

Child Support Hubs mission statement was updated in 2020,  and is proudly displayed at the entrance to our offices.

We strive to be the best and most trusted destination for USA Child Support information. Child Support Hub is created and curated by people who care enough to want to provide free information to families with questions about Child Support in their State.

These are our core values:

  • We are bold
  • We are professional
  • We have a competitive spirit that drives us to be first and best resource in the USA
  • We foster trust by operating with integrity
  • We advocate for efficiency and fairness in the Children’s Court

We take Child Support information and news seriously, and our network of correspondents operate with the highest level of integrity.

Head Office

Suite 8533
One World Trade Center
New York, NY 10006
United States